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 Sorodha, npo

Composition competition 2018-19

Composition competition 2018-19: Piano

The final concert of the 2018-19 Sorodha Composition Competition, this year for piano, took place on the 23rd of February 2019. After hearing the works played by Ksenia Ovodova and Daeun Song, the jury came to this decision:

  • the First Prize is awarded to Joungbum Lee (South Corea) for his work Capriccio No. 2
  • and the Second Prize to Valerio Biscione (Italy) for his work Math Piano Rock.

Furthermore, the vote by the audience resulted in the Public Prize being awarded to Joungbum Lee for Capriccio No. 2.

Capriccio No. 2 will be the compulsory piece during the International Piano Competition "Emmanuel Durlet" which will take place in April 2019.

The jury wishes to congratulate the other finalists, Juan Carlos Aliaga Del Bosque (Peru) and his Dos Danzas, Laura Collier (USA) and her Six Bagatelles and Egor Kiselev (Germany) with Poem in Prose for their riveting works too.

Joungbum Lee — Capriccio No. 2
Valerio Biscione — Math Piano Rock
Juan Carlos Aliaga Del Bosque — Dos Danzas
Laura Collier — Six Bagatelles
Egor Kiselev — Poem in Prose