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 Sorodha, npo

Composition competition 2011-12

International composition competition 2011-12: Unaccompanied violin

The first edition of the composition competition held by Sorodha has come to an end.
The jury (Mr Luc Van Hove, Mr Alain Craens, Mr Wim Henderickx and Mr Marc Verhaegen, under the chairmanship of Mr Dirk Verelst), had selected the following works for the final round.  These were performed in concert on the 25th of March 2012 at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp:

  • Adenosine and Adrenaline by Sebastian Adams (Ireland)
          Performed at the concert by Colm Ó Braoin
  • Cadenza e Vivace by Felix Ceunen (Belgium)
          Performed by Min Hee Kim
  • Chain Reaction by Takahiro Sakuma (Japan)
          Performed by Takao Hyakutome
  • Dawn Breaking by Li Jun (P.R. China)
          Performed by Vincent Hepp
  • Folk Odyssey by Marcos Fernández (Spain)
          Performed by Jens Lynen
  • 5 Haikus for Violin by Volker Ignaz Schmidt (Germany)
          Performed by Jens Lynen
  • /Lightly Touch by Jarosław Płonka (Poland)
          Performed by Takao Hyakutome
  • Sonetto Onirico by Luca Vago (Italy)
          Performed by Vincent Hepp

After the concert, the jury awarded the following prizes:

  • the First Prize: to Mr Takahiro Sakuma, for Chain Reaction
  • the Second Prize: to Mr Felix Ceunen, for Cadenza e Vivace

The audience present at the final concert voted to award the Prize of the Audience, donated by the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, to Mr Marcos Fernández, for Folk Odyssey.

We wish to express our warmest congratulations to the composers and our profound gratitude towards the violinists, who defended their colours with great skill, artistry and enthusiasm!