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 Sorodha, npo

Composition competition 2013

International composition competition 2013: Unaccompanied viola

The final concert of the 2013 Sorodha Composition Competition, dedicated to the viola this year, took place on the 15th of June 2013. After hearing the works played by Dominica Eyckmans, Vincent Hepp and Takao Hyakutome, the jury came to this decision:

  • the First Prize is awarded to Shoichi Yabuta (薮田翔一) for his work Move
  • and the Second prize to Mario Ros Vidal for his work A la lisière de la forêt

Furthermore, the vote by the audience resulted in the Public Prize being awarded to Mario Ros Vidal for A la lisière de la forêt.

The jury wishes to congratulate the other finalists, Haukur Þór Harðarson and his work Insomnia, Jieun Park (박지은) and her work Lullaby and Rui Shi (Ray) Zhuo (卓汭仕) and his work Village Impressions for the fine quality of their music too. Keeping in mind there were 180 submissions from 40 countries, reaching the final stage is no small achievement...

Sorodha expresses many thanks to the members of the jury, Bart Bouckaert, Luc Van Hove, Marc Verhaegen and Wilfried Westerlinck for their enthusiastic cooperation!